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The Tao of Kyle Ng


The man behind Farm Tactics deconstructs the forces that drive him.

A look at Kyle’s library. Magic for Dummies!

When Kyle Ng of the lighthearted menswear line Farm Tactics talks, it’s with a certain calmness that speaks to his very go-with-the-flow nature. Here, four key tenets of the Kyle Ng ideology—and get ready, ‘cause it’s about to get spiritual up in here. —seth putnam

Simplify Everything: “If you think about Japanese design, it’s about less-is-more, and subtracting from things. When you add more, you clutter your mind.”

Understand That Nature Is Everywhere: “When I look at moss or rust, I realize that I can only hope to design as beautifully as nature. Don’t fuck with it. You have to respect your place. My whole thing is that we’re part of it. A lot of people think of cities as bad compared to the forests. I’m not a believer in that. When I’m climbing at Stoney Point, I’m in the wilderness. But I could be on the street in Los Angeles and feeling it, too. To me, the city is nature.”

Embrace Sport: “I play basketball about four times a week. And I wish I could climb and skate more. I like fishing in the L.A. River, which is some of the worst water, but there are fish there. I’m really interested in the juxtaposition of these things.”

Get Outta the Car: “I don’t drive. I failed the test twice, and then moved to L.A. and bought a car because I had cash. It was an $800 Volvo beater. I drove for a year and a half, then got caught; and I thought, ‘There’s probably something in the world telling me to not to drive.’ I wouldn’t say I’m religious, but I believe in the idea of energy. Everything I’ve done has come together and fit the way it should. You shouldn’t fight that.”

See how Kyle’s philosophy plays out in the ready-for-nature tote (fit with climbing-rope handles) that he made for us.



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