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Got It Made

How Shana Tabor Made Her Of a Kind Cuff

Got It Made BY alisha prakash 10/16/2012

Saw? Check. Torch? Check. Mallet? Check.

Shana Tabor, the totally rad designer behind the super-stylish line In God We Trust, first came up with the design for bracelet she made us as a token of appreciation for a friend, fittingly dubbing it the “thanks” cuff. What makes our version extra special? Red Swarovski crystals—boo-ya. Below, Shana talks us through the steps involved in making one of these bad boys at her Greenpoint, Brooklyn, studio, as Becca Mapes, IGWT’s very talented jewelry product manager, demonstrates.


"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."



“Next, the brass is annealed using an acetylene torch. This allows the molecules in the metal to separate, making the metal softer and more malleable. The oxidation (a.k.a. blackness) made by annealing the metal is removed from the brass with something known as a pickle solution. The rods are then lightly sanded to remove any discoloration or dirt. The ends are filed and sanded until they are smooth enough to slide on and off the wrist.”



“Then we hand-forge the rods around a bracelet mandrel by hammering them repeatedly with a rawhide mallet.”



“The cuff begins to take shape after a lot of hard work.”



“More perfecting of the shape!”



“Once the cuff is shaped, it is hammered on a steel block to give it a textured finish.”



“These awesome opaque red stones—Swarovski crystals, made in Austria—are then set into the ends of the cuff.”



“After some final finishing and polishing, voila!”


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Opal Cassiopeia Studs

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