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Delve into Fort Standard’s Mind-Blowing Array of Products

BY raquel laneri 11/02/2012

These two aren’t jewelry designers—they’re everything designers.

Though they recently did a deep dive into jewelry, the super-talented duo behind Fort Standard—Greg Buntain worked as a carpenter and Ian Collings as a welder before launching their own business—have pretty much done any kind of design you could think of, from toys to furniture to lighting. Here, just a handful of their awesome creations. 



Balancing Blocks
Greg: “This is probably the first thing we made together. We were renting a temporary shop space, but we had no money—just basic tools and a bunch of scrap wood. There was this holiday pop-up shop opening up in the neighborhood…”
Ian: “And we thought, ‘Great! An opportunity to make rent!’”
Greg: “So we just started messing around, and we ended up with these balancing blocks. Then things got crazy. Within six months we couldn’t keep up with the orders anymore. We went from 0 to 70 retailers in less than a year. We were cutting blocks non-stop. There wasn’t even enough scrap wood in New York to keep up with demand; we started going to Philly.”
Ian: “So when Areaware approached us and asked if they could take over production, we were like, ‘Please!’”



Elevate Side Table
Greg: “The design of this table came from the idea of ‘elevating’ a beautiful piece of stone in a simple and elegant manner, allowing it to be the focus of the design. We like the idea of letting materials and their inherent qualities help guide our designs.”


Counterweight Dining Light
Greg: “Roll & Hill approached us about doing a line of lights. We designed four lights for them, and they’re going to launch in April in Milan. The counterweight on the dining light is actually on a pulley system, so you can raise and lower the light in relation to your dining table. If you raise the stone, the light gets lower. It’s actually pretty fun to play with.”



Sprue Candelabras
Ian: “We make these candelabras the same way we make our bracelets. [Ed: Like the one they created for Of a Kind.] We did this for an art installation, so we were free to be really creative and make these really heavy things. It really inspired us and made us want to do more with bronze casting—and made us launch our line of bottle openers and jewelry. “



Cage Necklace
Greg: “This is one of our favorites! It’s bold and unapologetic. Our initial idea was to create brass cage-like beads that we could then put on different cords, but this piece was a bit of a departure. We were experimenting a bit with more sculptural ideas.”



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