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Family Matters

Peek Inside the Lo & Sons Family Travel Album

Family Matters BY olivia seely 11/15/2012

Central Illinois, Taipei, and everything in between.

The line Lo & Sons is all about travel—and the bags you need to do it right. Derek and Jan Lo, who started the company with their mom Helen (yes, sweetest thing ever) in 2010 have done a lot of it, moving around plenty as kids and skipping across the globe as adults. Here, the stories behind some of their favorite, family-bonding excursions. 



Derek: “This was a cute one of us when we were little. We were moving from L.A. to Champaign, Illinois, and we drove the whole way in a Volvo station wagon.”

Jan: “We fought the entire way.”

Derek: “I guess we look pretty happy here because we were close to our final destination.”

Jan: “And we’re pretty stylish. We have the whole hipster thing covered from an early age. The suspenders, the plaid, the cuffed pants…”



Derek: “Because our dad is an astronomer, we traveled to a lot of different telescope locations. This is a picture of a very large telescope center in New Mexico that we went to during a Christmas vacation. At first I was skeptical. But when we got there, it was pretty incredible.”

Jan: “Our dad’s claim to fame is that he discovered the black hole in the center of our universe. He spent ten years as the director of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Charlottesville, Virginia. His profession is a big reason why we’ve lived in so many places growing up.”

Derek: “When our mom retired, she started traveling a lot with my dad. She was looking for a lightweight travel bag that was stylish and practical, and that’s how the idea for Lo & Sons was born!”



Derek: “Here Jan and I are at the Great Wall. After I graduated high school, I took a trip to Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai. It was my first time in Mainland China. Actually, it was Jan’s first time, too—which is interesting because he ended up moving there and living there for four years.”



Derek: “When we were growing up, my grandmother would live part of the year in Honolulu. We were fortunate enough to travel there and visit her on vacations. Jan and I just recently went there in October.”



Derek: “In this picture my mom, dad, and I are riding elephants in Thailand. This was years ago, during Y2K in 2000. We were really nervous that we were taking this trip during that time because everyone thought the world was going to end.”



Derek: “Here we are with our mom at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial in Nanjing. I went to high school in Taiwan, and my parents lived there for six or seven years. It was a life changing experience because I went from living in a small town in central Illinois to a big city in Asia. I went to an American school, and I was in a soccer league where we would drive hours to play other teams in other countries.”

Jan: “I didn’t get to go to Bangkok and play soccer tournaments.”





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