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Richer Poorer Gets Moody With Socks


There’s a vibe and a guy in mind—yes, these socks are something special.

When he’s coming up with scorching new sock patterns, Richer Poorer’s whiz-bang designer Joe Tornatzky scours a super-secret list of vintage shops in the nooks of Long Beach, looking to flesh out not only what each pair in a collection will look like but who’s the guy who’d wear it. Here, three looks at how deep that goes. —seth putnam

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The Mood: “This one’s all about confidence. Stripes are classic, and they’re instilled in American life. They go along with your baseball shirt on the sandlot—and they’ll live on ephemerally.”
The Man: “This person is detail-oriented and knows what he wants. He doesn’t like to show off quite as much, and he values humility.”

The Mood: “It’s a stripe and a tribal insignia mixed together, so you’ve got a unique sense of timelessness along with an earthy feeling. On a general level, that Southwestern imagery is the direction fashion is going right now. But on a deeper level, I think it symbolizes a return to a more primitive world—a realization that getting stuck in a computer chair is no fun.”
The Man: “They’re for someone who’s expressive but likes to live within the restrictions of design. He’s a subtle extrovert who understands the introverted parts of life. It’s all about balance.“

The Mood: “Loud and expressive—they scream, ‘I’m me!’ When we’re designing, we start out with a huge mood board of colors, patterns, and shapes. There’s a page of sock outlines that we’ll sketch ideas into to give it more of a handcrafted element. And as socks go, this design is high-def.”
The Man: “These are for the strong-willed guy, the extrovert who goes all the way.”



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