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Inside Job

Take a Tour of Kelly Wearstler’s Killer L.A. Flagship

Inside Job BY monica derevjanik 11/26/2012

This place: home-spiration central.

Picture this: You’re in a 2,400-square-foot Los Angeles pad teeming with custom-made fixtures, rich oak, and museum-worthy sculptures. Now add a cash register and a few adorable salesgirls, and you’ve got the mind-blowingly chic Kelly Wearstler flagship store on Melrose Avenue. Everything from the four-foot-wide starburst lights to the stone-encrusted door handles are dripping with Kelly’s modern-meets-vintage aesthetic. “My main goal was to bring out this residential feeling,” Kelly explains. “It’s all about the lifestyle of the brand.” Check out some of her very favorite fixtures in her very first boutique. 



163 kelly wearstler
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of Kelly Wearstler


“My mannequins were all custom-made in L.A. I wanted them to look unique and to be full of movement and life—which is why they’re in positions that aren’t typically seen on store mannequins. In fact, all of the fixtures and displays in the store were custom-made, down to the black and white cerused oak hangers that have become my signature.”



“This mirrored display case is a vintage piece that I loved so much, I had it recreated. Both of the pieces now house my china collections, which happen to be made by Pickard—America’s oldest maker of fine china. They also supply the china used in White House, so they deserve a good home.”



“This table is custom-made with negro marquina marble in our classic finish and is an original design that’s now part of our new furnishings collection. It’s inspired by my own dining table at home.”



“This ‘People Bianco’ wall sculpture by Franco Scuderi is from my own personal collection. I’m a huge fan of Scuderi and I just love the geometry and texture this adds to the neutral color palette of the store.”


Pyrite Facet Cuff



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