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The Six Art Books Kelly Wearstler Says You Need

BY monica derevjanik 11/26/2012

Spruce up your shelves, stat.

Kelly’s home library. 

It’s no surprise that interior-cum-fashion designer Kelly Wearstler’s Beverly Hills home is gorgeous, but her library is equally impressive.  “To me, collecting rare design books is like collecting art. You can never have too many,” Kelly explains. Though Kelly has quite the stash, we got her to zero in on her favorites. 



The Shell: Five Hundred Million Years of Inspired Design by Hugh Stix, Marguerite Stix and R. Tucker Abbott
Want to get to the roots of Kelly’s spring 2013 collections? Then flip through this sucker. Many of her patterns and prints were inspired by the subaquatic designs from its pages.



Graffiti Women: Street Art from Five Continents by Nicholas Ganz
Talk about girl power: This book covers a long line of female street artists who are often overlooked by their male colleagues.



Jean-Michel Basquiat by Dieter Buchhart, Glenn O’Brien, Jean-Louis Prat and Jean-Michel Basquiat
Speaking of street art, get to know Jean-Michel Basquiat. The groundbreaking conceptual artist actually got his start in graffiti before becoming an eighties art legend.



The Magic of M. C. Escher by J.L. Locker  
The most amazing thing about Escher’s hyper-precise graphics is that all of his repetitive patterns are actually done by hand. We can only imagine how cross-eyed he’d be after a day of work.



Picasso and the War Years, 1937-1945 by Steven A. Nash, Robert Rosenblum, Brigitte Baer, and Michele Cone
Yah, Picasso is about as mainstream as they come, but this comprehensive guide of this less-discussed period is a can’t-miss, history-filled read.



Rhapsody by Kelly Wearstler
Ok, ok, so obviously this is Kelly’s own book—which makes it the perfect place to go for a closer look at her creative process. And it pairs damn nicely with her Of a Kind edition. DUH.


Pyrite Facet Cuff
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