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The Insider: Susan Cernek

The Insider BY carlye wisel 12/20/2012



Susan Cernek is one of those crazy-put-together girls who you probably recognize from all the street style blogs—with damn good reason. She’s exceedingly polished, and she has a great smile—that she’s not afraid to use. Hate to break it to you all, but GF is also wicked smart and in-the-know: As the fashion development director at Glamour, she stays on top of not only what’s happening in the style world but also what’s fresh on the internets. Read on for her insights on both fronts (with a super-useful bonus beauty trick, even). 


Q: Being as the year is almost over, what’s one thing you’ve seen or done that you think will stay with you?

A: It was a treat to do both Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks this season. It’s such a restorative, energizing experience to take in, because fashion—the community and the industry—are such core parts of both cities and both cultures. A lot of the shows take place in historical monumental buildings, which is a very interesting way to be a tourist in the city.


Q: Bring home any notable souvenirs?

A: Actually, my husband and I did some damage at a store called Suit Supply. They do a hybrid of Paul Smith/J.Crew menswear style, and I love menswear—I picked up a number of dapper scarves and hats. I was tempted to buy a small size of their jackets, but I didn’t necessarily think my husband and I should be wearing the same wool, tweedy jacket all year long. It might be a liiiittle bit less than adorable, if we’re both walking around town in the same overcoat! I would say my closet is 40% navy blazers, 40% high heels, and a number of grey, tweedy things in between. I just love the texture and the tailoring of menswear…but with a pair of high heels.


Q: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever worn?

A: I’m going to try and paint you a picture: In high school, in rural New Hampshire, where everyone’s wearing L.L.Bean and corduroy, I was inspired by late nineties films à la Clueless. I distinctly remember wearing—and no one else dressed like this—on a snowy winter day, platform patent leather sneakers, thigh-high black socks, a black miniskirt with a zipper in matching sports stripes, and a short athletic top with a sequin number on it. I was fine during the day. But when I went out to clear the snow off my car, I was standing there, shivering, looking like an idiot, in a miniskirt and thigh highs leaning over the hood of my car trying to scrape of piles of snow, and everyone else was in a puffy jacket. It was perhaps not the best day to wear it.


Q: Do you have one solid beauty secret worth sharing?

A: It’s not really a secret, per se, but it’s a funny trick I have used since high school! The secret is hot rollers in the morning for your hair. It takes me, like, five minutes—I put five in, and I’m done. It’s really easy, and it makes you look like you spent hours in the powder room putting yourself together. 


Q: You’re always so in-the-know about the online world. Is there any website or app you’re totally into these days?

A: I love this interiors blog, The Brick House. She lives between L.A. and Palm Springs, which sounds like the most ideal scenario one can imagine, and she takes photos of her house. You wouldn’t think that would be enough, but it’s completely addicting.


Q: Do you have any go-to Of a Kind editions?

A: I do—I have the Ursa Major Omega Cuff. It’s just a really simple, simple, simple cuff, and, in the attempt to practice restraint, I’ve found that I’m a ring and cuff kind of girl. I also have the pink Sunset Trio of Garnett Jewelry bracelets, although I wish I would have been able to buy the blue version too, to go with all of those navy blazers!




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