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Got It Made

Katie Kime Shows Us How She Made Her Awesome Lucite Tray

Got It Made BY olivia seely 05/08/2013

Some mood-board action!

Katie Kime knew she wanted to keep the production for her label in the U.S. She didn’t think to start the search in Austin, where the way-cute housewares designer is based, but through a guy who knew a guy, she struck gold—or at least lucite—in her own backyard. Here she shows us exactly how it all comes together for her Of a Kind edition. 



199 katie kime
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of Katie Kime



“Step two is matching the edges of all six pieces of lucite precisely with the others and preparing for adhesion.”



“Step three is the most tedious part because if the glue runs even slightly at any of the seams, then the tray can’t be used. We found that using a syringe for the glue is the best way to ensure that the glue won’t spread. At each seam of the tray, we apply a thin line of glue before combining the pieces of lucite.”



“Step four is the drying. This takes 24 hours, and once that time has passed, we inspect them and get them back to my studio to finish assembly with the tray inserts.”



“The tray inserts are custom patterns I design based on inspiration from anywhere and everywhere—a vintage wallpaper from eBay, a fabric swatch, or, most often, patterns I see while traveling, like a Moroccan rug or a ceramic from Thailand. From a sketch or a rough rendering, a vector file is created of the pattern. From there, in Photoshop I paint with various color variations until I find the right combination.”



“That finalized file is then sent to printers and cutters and placed inside the tray…et voila!” 


Palm Beach Lucite Tray
50 OF A KIND .



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