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Stop Messing Around: 7 Very Important Organization Lessons We Learned From Our Girl Tidy Tova


imageHow cute is she?! And, yes, she brought her own label-maker.

When we started making plans for a big office makeover (more on that later!), we decided it was time to call in a professional—someone to help us graduate from ill-conceived Tupperware storage systems and shelves filled with paperclips and popcorn. And we had just the girl for the job: Tova Weinstock, aka Tidy Tova, who feels about organizing the way Screech Powers does about Lisa Turtle. Tova whipped us into shape, blew our minds, and left us with wisdom to pass along to those equally in need of some order in their lives. —erica

Super-sleek, right? Tova got our sample corner in order with the help of some high-functioning Ikea scores: Alex drawers and Mulig clothes bars.


1) Put similar items together.
“Like all of the cleaning supplies in one cabinet, all the tools on one shelf—so things aren’t all over the place!”

2) Think about how you use things.
“Put things away in the vicinity of where they will be used. This will make accessing them at the right times much easier. Efficiency! If you’re using a specific tool in the kitchen, then obviously it belongs in the kitchen. If it’s something you use with the oven, then it should be as close to the oven as possible.”

3) Consider the frequency.
“When putting things away, think about how often you use them. Strategically put things away based on that information. So, if you rarely use something, put it in the back. For clothing, I consider the season and how often the person is wearing it. I’m not into color-coding. I just don’t really see the benefit—I think things you wear the most often should be in the front rather than the back and that that’s more helpful than going to a black section and trying to find a specific shirt.”

4) Invest in the right supplies.
“Those velvety hangers—they’re the best. I’m really into under-the-bed storage, just because that’s a very important space to utilize. I like the containers in a soft fabric—for easy moving-around—with a clear top so you can see what’s inside. In my medicine cabinet, I have a little wire basket that’s great for smaller things like tweezers, nail clippers, and bobby pins. And, um, a shoe rack! Very important!"

5) Be aware of your inventory.
“People have a lot of products—especially girls. I try to encourage using things up before starting something new—like, have one deodorant, know exactly where it is, and when it’s done, open a new one. I definitely encourage an awareness of what you have and what you need so you’re not just accumulating.”

6) Purge—and be realistic.
“As you get organized, think about what you should really be keeping. When it comes to clothes, I don’t have a one-year rule or anything, but I encourage people to be realistic. If you haven’t worn it in years, then you should get rid of it.”

“Don’t get overwhelmed. You got this. Pump up some jams. I think Phoenix is really good for organizing. It’s fast but relaxing at the same time. Or Daft Punk, Scissor Sisters, Disclosure, and Little Dragon. Take breaks for dance parties. After all, getting organized is cause for celebration.”

If you’re in NYC, HIRE TIDY TOVA for your next move…or when you just can’t stand the sight of your mess of a closet for another minute. If you’re not, read her blog for more tips ‘n tricks! She’s the bomb.



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