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carly pifer

How Rony Vardi Assembled her Catbird Dream Team

carly pifer BY carly pifer 08/01/2013

When Rony Vardi opened her Williamsburg shop Catbird in 2004, she was calling in friends for favors. These days, Catbird has a whole team of rad women who keep the store and its so-good jewelry line rocking. “We place kindness over everything else. So many of the people I hired are now super tight friends, which is the loveliest thing to see,” says Rony. “We are still small enough to be nimble—but big enough to be serious.” Here are the chicks who help her make it happen. 


213 catbird
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of Catbird



“Ashley is our inventory manager and in-house illustrator. She loves cold meatballs for breakfast.”


“Candice is our jewelry-studio manager who has pet crabs—and she is hilarious.”


“Rachel (right) is our store manager from Nashville who was born in Africa and lived in France when she was little. She has many, many secrets. Steph (left) is the store’s assistant manager and is in a kick-ass rock band called The Desert Sharks.”


“Correy is our PR Manager and has a tattoo in honor of her Schnoodle dog, Russell Ronald.”


“Leigh is our general manager and buyer and has been at Catbird since the dawn of time. She has impeccable taste and loves Wayne’s World. We have worked together for so many years I often feel like we share a brain. We make sure to have our hands in every department, despite the fact that each department has a manager. We work pretty collaboratively and rather spontaneously, like if Leigh or I—or really anyone!—thinks of an idea for a new ring, a mailer, a new way to structure a department, we talk about it and if it works for everyone, we generally implement or create things really quickly.”




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