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Got It Made

See How Tanner Prep’s Stellar Edition Was Made

Got It Made BY meghana gandhi 08/17/2013

“I really believe in manufacturing in the city,” says Brooklyn resident Rachel Nasvik. When it came time to start production for her new handbag line Tanner Prep, she didn’t have to do any research: Her business partner Arturo Jinjinian, the son of a shoemaker, grew up working in tanneries and mastering the art of leatherworking, and he now owns an ace factory that makes all of the label’s pieces. Watch their awesome Of a Kind edition came together. 




225 tanner prep
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of Tanner Prep




“The first step is cutting all the pieces. The Penny is made up of five dies, which are basically like large cookie cutters used to punch out the leather panels.”




“After the pieces are cut, they are prepped for sewing. Turned edges are taped down and pounded with a mallet to make it easier to sew clean lines. Edges that have to be sewn together are shaved down to ensure that the leather isn’t too thick for the sewing machine.”




“Filler made from bonded leather is glued to the back of the leather and sandwiched between the lining to give the bag structure and support.”




“The outer details are sewn together, and the front pocket is completed.”




“The gusset, which gives the bag depth, is constructed. After the zipper is sewn in, the handle tabs are attached to each side, and the lining is added. Everything comes together as the front and back pieces are sewn to the gusset. The bag is turned right-side-out before it is cleaned and inspected.”





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