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Key to the City

Aimee Munford Serves Up the Best Places to Eat in Richmond

Key to the City BY alisha prakash 09/30/2013

“For a city the size of Richmond, the food scene is really diverse,” says Aimee Munford, the whiz behind Garnett Jewelry and a VA resident for 15 years. “We have new restaurants popping up all the time, and people are generally excited about trying new places. That’s something I love about Richmond—as a whole, it embraces creativity.” Here, a handful of spots she hits on the reg. 



Kuba Kuba
(1601 Park Ave.)

88 garnett jewelry
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of Garnett Jewelry




Mamma Zu
“We usually end up at Mamma Zu for birthday dinners and when family comes to town. We did a lot of takeout from here when our son was first born. It’s the ultimate in comforting, home-cooked food when you don’t want to do the cooking yourself.”
(501 S. Pine St.)



Crossroads Coffee & Ice Cream
“Crossroads serves locally made desserts and ice cream made by Bev’s. It is about a five-minute walk from our house, so we love to go after dinner sometimes for a cone. They have decadent flavors like chocolate peanut butter brownie and a great pear sorbet.”
(3600 Forest Hill Ave.)



Ruang Tong Thai
“Ruang Tong is also really close to home, but we usually do take out. One of my favorite dishes is the som tum salad with papaya, tomatoes, lime juice, and roasted peanuts. It makes for a refreshing and light dinner. It’s a go-to on summer nights when it feels too hot to cook.”
(6790 Forest Hill Ave.)



The Black Sheep
“I have two favorites at The Black Sheep: the Sloppy JoJo Sandwich—red and green lentils stewed with peppers and onions in tomato sauce, served on a buttered, toasted bun and topped with pickled jalapeno, onion, and carrot—and the grapefruit salad, which is an interesting mix of grapefruit, avocado, jicama, cashews, red cabbage, basil, and mint with lime vinaigrette. They serve Abita root beer, which is hands-down the best root beer. The owner, Kevin, is a long-time friend of my husband’s and has a daughter a little younger than our son.”
(901 W. Marshall St.)


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