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Inside Job

See All That’s In Store for Ernest Alexander

Inside Job BY alisha prakash 10/14/2013

In only four years, Ernest Alexander Sabine has taken his collection from one bag—the perfect messenger—to a full-blown made-in-the-U.S.A. line that runs the gamut from oxford shirts and ties to overnighters, belts, and travel kits. And he’s opened his first shop, too. So what’s up next for the menswear dynamo? Ernest gives us the scoop.



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"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of Ernest Alexander




"This year we’re focusing our efforts on bags and accessories. We designed five new bags for our spring 2014 show. They’re all new silhouettes, and they’re beautiful. We’re getting more audacious with our patterns and combinations but still retaining a classic and fresh aesthetic."




"We’re doing more limited-run products, like our first-ever classic charcoal blazer and an all-new puffer vest with leather accents. We’re releasing a limited-run bag collection with a rare Japanese camo print. We also just released a short-run Kenji shirt, which sports a subtly beautiful floral pattern."




"We’re also adding an entirely new accessory line—more utilitarian-focused pieces for people who love details as much as we do. We’re doing a line of sleeves to protect your tech—gorgeously simple sleeves with premium leather."




"We recently moved into our new office, and we’re building out of the showroom. Our showroom won’t just be a place to come and get a shirt; it will be a place to obsess over details and learn about our craft. It’s the entire experience of what we do—people will be able to see how we live it. We’ll have real tradesmen coming through, tailors, tanners, barbers, distillers, and more. I draw a lot of inspiration from the streets of New York—the sights, sounds, and people. Guys here are dressing better and better. Our design office is located right next to The NoMad, and I love people-watching."




"The next level for Ernest Alexander is about introducing the brand to a ton of new people. We signed a deal with Nordstrom, and we’ll be in all their physical stores across the country next month. Our collection for the Gap hits stores at the end of this month. We’re really starting to see the beginning of a shift.”


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