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Watch Han Starnes Spin Some Awesome Yarn


Not only does Han Starnes knit crazy-good hats and scarves for her line Josi Faye, but she also spins the material—the yarn—from raw wool in her Nashville loft studio (with its incredible natural light). “You get a yarn that you can’t really buy anywhere,” says Han, who learned the method from a generations-old spinning guild in New Zealand. Watch the amazingness come together below. —serena qiu


“This is how I get the wool: unspun and cleaned. The white is the natural color of un-dyed sheep’s wool.”


“Most of the work is made on the wheel. Here, you’re shaping the yarn, deciding what twist you want, and once the bobbin gets full, you take it off into a skein. This wheel is an old-fashioned foot-pedal one that I brought from New Zealand. I brought three back!”


“That’s what a skein looks like, which we have to wind into this long hank. Fresh off the wheel, yarn is not ready to knit. It needs to be set, so that it relaxes into its new form.”


“We set yarn by steaming it, or by soaking it in hot water, so it’s felted a little. After it’s set, we have to wind it, and this little wood tool makes it so much easier. I crank it, and it pulls the yarn to make little balls for me.”


“And then you pop it off, and this is what you get! This is pictured along with some vintage twine I was using to attach tags. And my coffee.”

Han’s finished product is a red scarf that you won’t want to take off.



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