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Spy 5 of Grace Lee's Most Stunning Engagement Rings

BY alisha prakash 11/09/2013

“When I was working in corporate finance, one of my offices was in downtown Los Angeles—a block away from the jewelry district, I think my physical proximity coupled with the fact that I had designed my own engagement ring were reasons friends asked for my help with their rings,” explains superstar Grace Lee on how she got her start. Since then, she has turned her part-time gig into a full-blown biz—and the we’re-getting-married ring is still such a huge component of that. “Getting to know the couple behind each ring is one of my favorite parts about being a jewelry designer,” Grace says. Here, five custom creations built to stand the test of time. 




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"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
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“This grey diamond engagement ring was originally designed as an upgrade ring for a bride who had a traditional white diamond engagement ring. She wanted something different and liked the center grey stone. The practical mom in her liked how this ring is flat on the finger and won’t catch on things.”




“We knew that the bride-to-be liked oval diamonds, vintage, and the simplicity of my line. We took this simple setting to the next level by hand-engraving all three sides of the yellow gold band.”




“The bride-to-be wanted a colored diamond that was shaped in a square. We used a flat, rustic-cut yellow diamond and added pave diamonds around the diamond and all around the band.”




“This is another setting where we needed to protect the center emerald, so we created a gold basket to encase it. The band on this ring is flat with two sides that are hand-engraved.”





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