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The Insider: Bradley Agather

The Insider BY monica derevjanik 11/14/2013



Spend about five minutes chatting with Luella & June fashion blogger Bradley Agather, and you’ll wanna pack your bags, move to Dallas, and schedule a weekly lunch date with her—we’re for real. Hear some of her stories here—like the one about that time she hung with Tim Riggins. 


Q: What other Southern girls have styles you’re really into?

A: I love Hannah Seabrook of Gad-A-Bout. She is sweet and has this classic Southern style about her. I had the chance to meet her in April when she was in town, and she’s just the whole package. And, she’s not Southern now, but Taylor Tomasi Hill is definitely on that list. She’s from Dallas and was actually my first boss at Teen Vogue. She takes risks and always seems to succeed with them.


Q: What’s one thing in your closet that you could never, ever give up?

A: Hmm…


Q: There’s more than one, huh?

A: Uh, yeah, of course there is! I have a denim jacket that I’ve had since I was 11. One of my best friends gave it to me as a birthday gift, and it was too big for me at the time. It fits me perfectly now, 15 years later! It’s definitely on my in-case-of-fire list. And then also my black Chanel bag, which was my mom’s very first Chanel bag. It’s from the eighties, and it feels like it has a lot of life in it. I always think of her when I wear it.


Q: What it your favorite thing over at Of a Kind right now?

A: I love that big Anna Lee cowl scarf, but of course it sold out. And I love those Marilyn and Yoko earrings from Bing Bang. It’s so cool to get to mix and match those pieces and have a different look each time.


Q: You have such a good-looking home-slash-office.

A: To be honest, all the pics you’ve seen of my office are probably from before I was married and had to share an office with my husband. Nowadays, pink and white doesn’t fly in our house anymore. But I think with any space, make sure you surround yourself with things that you LOVE, especially if you spend a lot of time in there. I have a John Derian zebra-print paperweight and a little vintage hand that I found at a thrift store that now holds my business cards that both make me smile.


Q: Ok, tell us your Friday Night Lights story.

A: Well, I love Friday Night Lights so much that when I was a senior in college, I auditioned to be an extra. They asked if I had any extra skills, so I said I was a cheerleader in high school—and they cast me. I wasn’t a Dillon Panthers cheerleader, which was annoying, but I was an Arnett Mead cheerleader in season three. I spent about 12 hours on set, and I think you can see me for like half a second. I was also in a sorority at the time and had to film during rush—so I ended up paying all of these rush fines—but it was totally worth it. 




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