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The Insiders: Nicole Benuska and Olivia Villanti

The Insider BY monica derevjanik 01/02/2014



Why don’t more blogs pay tribute to coziness—give hoodies and leggings and thick, wooly socks their due? Well, the talented, stylish, and whip-smart besties behind Waiting For Saturday are filling that void in a big way. Get to know Olivia Villanti and Nicole Benuska below…and then head over to their site to see how other cool gals hang on their days off. 


Q: Which celebs would leave you the most star-struck?

Olivia: Well, I saw Diane Kruger padding around the village in boyfriend jeans and messy hair the other day and had a moment. But a legit, super-fan, may-pass-out-upon-eye-contact reaction could only come from Bruce Springsteen. Coco’s seen me losing my mind at a concert.

Nicole: Mine’s Patti Smith…and Anthony Kiedis.

Olivia: Speechless. I had no idea.

Q: Both of you live in such good neighborhoods. Local faves?

Nicole: Ok, I love many restaurants in Fort Greene, but Roman’s has my heart.

Olivia: I’m really Greenpoint-proud, but if I had to name one thing, it would be the proximity to the water. Manhattan looks so pretty reflected in the East River. Also, the mulled wine at Broken Land and the decent amount of options for lunch—not brunch—on a Saturday.


Q: Which blogs are you always frequenting?

Nicole: Does T mag’s travel page count? Love that—and Pamela Love’s tumblr.

Olivia: This one! I’m not kidding. I love your “Insider” series, and I love your “10 Things” emails. The best. What else? Tomboy Style I love—oh, and [Ed: fellow Insider!] Molly Young’s tumblr makes me really happy.


Q: What are some pieces that you wear pretty much all of the time?

Olivia: This is really Coco’s question—she has the best jewelry, and she lives in all of it. I’m pretty minimalist. I have a gold I HEART NY Zoe Chicco necklace that I got about a million years ago and haven’t taken off since. My left hand is consistently adorned with my watch, my tattoo, and my wedding and engagement bands.

Nicole: I’m a sap and love wearing my treasures daily: my monogramed pinky ring I got as a baby, my monogramed Hawaiian bracelet I got for my high school graduation, my wedding ring by Jamie Joseph, another pinky ring my mom wore when I was a kid (yes, both pinkies get a ring), some Catbird second knuckle rings, two thin gold bangles I got after my wedding, and a Giles & Brother x Liberty United railroad cuff engraved with my nickname “Coco.” There are visitors, but that’s the daily crew.


Q: And because you guys are experts in this area: What’s your own favorite Saturday outfit?

Nicole: My husbands old Levi’s and a tee or cashmere sweater depending on the season, and, if I’m not wearing a hat, my hair is in a bun with a scarf.

Olivia: Denim everything, as little makeup as possible, and warm socks.




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