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Watch Cold Picnic Create an Amazing Wall Hanging

Got It Made BY alisha prakash 02/01/2014

How did Phoebe Sung and Peter Buer, the multi-talented twosome behind the fly accessories line Cold Picnic, add wall hangings to their watches, bags, and jewelry repertoire? “We owned a shop for about a year where there was a lot of downtime—we got antsy if we didn’t have something to do with our hands that could easily be put aside,” says Peter. “We started playing around with rug-making techniques like latch hooking and then rya, a hand-woven Scandinavian method, because it was quick and compact and a great way to use all the yarn we’d collected.” Like everything else in their line, the hangings have been a real a hit. See what’s involved in crafting one of these bad boys. 




Peter: “Before we start the collection, we draw as many rough layouts in color as we can. They’re quite rough—they look like they were drawn by babies—but it’s just important to get the main ideas down. We do the sketches in watercolor or pencil—this is one we used for this particular collection.”




Phoebe: “Then we put them aside. When it’s time to start designing, we gather all our yarn—which is a lot!—and choose out based on colors and textures. Each time we sit down to pick colors, different combinations appeal to us. It’s very mood specific. Once we’ve selected maybe five color combinations, we sit down with our original sketches and make CAD layouts inspired by the sketches and the color combos. We talk a lot about what elements we’ve liked (or disliked) from past pieces.”




Peter: “When we have ten or so layouts, we print them out and mock them up in the yarn on scraps on a very small scale, about 5 inches by 8 inches.”




Phoebe: “The titles give each one a narrative, but we assign them afterwards because the finished pieces always come as a bit of a surprise to us—we never quite know how they’ll turn out. Afterwards, we go through hundreds of names, and somehow there’s always one for each piece that just sticks. This one is California’s Ranches in the Sea. The names from the last collection were actually borrowed from bibliographies of old science articles we found over the course of researching the collection. The older the articles, the more baroque their headings tend to be, but that’s one of the things that drew us to them.”


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