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The Insider: Joanna Goddard

The Insider BY monica derevjanik 02/20/2014



We’ve been following Joanna Goddard’s insightful blog A Cup Of Jo for yeeeears now—and so has just about every other chick we know. Even though you can get lots of peeks into Joanna’s world over at her corner of the Internets, the content powerhouse (who really is as nice as she seems!) saved some top-notch tidbits for us. So, basically, read on. 


Q: You seem to know every great blog out there. Which are your current go-tos?

A: One that I really love is called Kottke. It’s all over the map because he’s writing about all of the stuff he’s legitimately interested in—like he’ll write about why Doritos taste good and then some fun fact he found. It’s a good reminder that you should write about what you’re interested in. Dinner: A Love Story is great, too. It’s a magazine-food-editor-turned-cookbook-author, Jenny, who writes about making dinner for her family every night. (She has actually written down every dinner she’s had since 1998!) And illustrator Gemma Correll’s tumblr always makes me laugh.


Q: Your sons are too cute. Where do you get all of their adorable clothes?

A: I really, really, really love the brand Mabo, which was also featured on Of a Kind. It was started by a mom who wanted to open her own shop, and the clothes just fit so well. We also shop a lot at Winter Water Factory. They have the best patterns. Petit Bateau also has some really good deals on their site.


Q: Are there any writers out there that you’re really loving right now?

A: Ann Friedman has a great newsletter that I recently signed up for. She writes about politics, culture, and gender, and I love her smart, unapologetic style. 


Q: We feel like we know so much about you from reading your blog every day, but what’s one people don’t know?

A: In college, I had to decide between majoring in English and physics. I cannot imagine going through a physics major now, but I started it and was a dual-major at one point.


Q: You moved to Battery Park City recently—what are the cool spots in your neighborhood?

A: We’re in the very north part by Chambers Street, and there’s a hidden playground that’s right behind our building. There’s this gigantic sandbox and a huge, skinny slide that’s about five times the length of a normal slide—it’s even scary for grown-ups! And Chambers Street Wines is awesome. They’re friendly and know everything about wine. Sometimes after the babies go to bed, I’ll walk over there for a tasting.


Q: Which Of a Kind pieces are you feeling right now?

A: Everything! But especially Blanca Monrós Gómez’s Dainty Champagne Diamond Ring. Blanca actually did my wedding ring, and it was such an amazing experience. My husband and I went to her house together, and she told us all about her own wedding in Gibraltar over some wine. It was so lovely and felt so intimate. 


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