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The Best Twosomes Ever, According to Jenny Myers and Albert Chu

BY jackie varriano 03/17/2014

When the L.A.-based designers Albert Chu and Jenny Myers decided to make something together, they looked at it, as Albert likes to say, “as a fun merging of our mutual interests.” Which got them thinking about other killer duos—sorts that don’t require someone to play Robin to the other’s Batman. These are the ones that speak to them in a big way. 



David Bowie + Iman
Albert: “We love how these two icons of different realms—music and fashion—came together and became influential in enterprises beyond their original realms. They seem to complement each other beautifully.”
Jenny: “And perhaps most inspiring is that despite their indisputable glamour, they seem to remain grounded and low-key.”




Robert Mapplethorpe + Patti Smith
Albert: “How can you not fall in love with a couple besties who inspired and encouraged one another constantly?”
Jenny: “Each one was ‘both muse and maker’ (according to Patti Smith in Just Kids).”
Albert: “The fact that they started out together as youth and supported each other through the phases of their creative lives is so great.”




Mario + Luigi
Jenny: “This dream team has got the guts to get the job done, and they do it all for Princess Peach.”
Albert: “They’re like the fan-boy version of the Olsen twins! They are fraternal twins; one is slightly taller than the other; one wears green, while the other wears red. But all that said, they work together as a two-player game.”




Merce Cunningham + John Cage
Jenny: “Because this just sounds like the ultimate working relationship from this Los Angeles Times article. Both Cunningham and Cage have been a huge influence—their work individually and their working dynamic as collaborators.”




Miuccia Prada + Rem Koolhaas
Albert: “We both have backgrounds in architecture, and it’s impossible to escape the reach and influence of Koolhaas—especially with the innovations he made in the conceptual drivers of architecture. The same must be said about Prada. And so when their first collaborations opened, it was like a breath of fresh air—and proof that multi-disciplinary could work well!”




Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg
Jenny: “These two bad-ass artists profoundly influenced one another’s work—and their relationship, often glossed over, helped them find their individual unique voices. They also were neighbors, which is a fun fact!”




Chicken + Waffles
Jenny: “The ultimate duo.”
Albert: “One’s savory, and one’s sweet. Perfect for a working breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner!”


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