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The Insider: Claudine Auguste

The Insider BY monica derevjanik 04/10/2014



Perhaps the only thing chicer than Brooklyn’s Wythe Hotel is its wonderful project manager, Claudine Auguste. She’s been pumping her energy into the Williamsburg spot since it was a construction site, helping make it the coolness hub—for both out-of-towners and locals—that it is now. Bottom line: Girl knows what’s up, and she shares some of her tips ‘n tricks below. 


Q: What are your top three travel essentials?

A: RMS Beauty Oil is like dessert for your face, a Marlow Goods scarf is always right, Aesop’s Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm—I love that smell. It’s classic, clean, and sexy, and the packaging is insane. Ok, and I know this makes four, but I have to include Everlane T-shirts. You can never go wrong with one of those.


Q: If you had to throw a dinner party tonight, how would you theme it?

A: Tonight? Well the Good Eggs order won’t arrive for another two days, so takeout it is! Between planning events at the Wythe and getting ready for a baby girl due in May, I’d say the theme would be “2 Bizzy 2 Cook,” and the invite would be sent out to friends two hours before asking for their burrito orders. And to really stretch out that theme, I would make sure that every burrito is also served with a paper towel and two individual packets of Cholula.


Q: If you could live in any city outside of NYC, where would you head?

A: Vienna. Paris gets all the glory. Vienna is a darker sexier version with art, architecture, music, and food that sings of precision, grace, and warm beauty.


Q: Which Of a Kind pieces do you have your eye?


A: The White Diamond Pharos Ring by Steven Shein—squeal! The Ingrid Cuff and the Simone Ring from Dream Collective are like a daydream to Mykonos, and this Rachel Rose blouse—wowza. It’s a little business and a little pleasure. 


Q: We bet you know all the good spots in Williamsburg. Ideal day? 

A: First we’d go to Organic Planet on Bedford for coconut smoothies. Don’t forget to add the banana! This is key. Then we’d go to the new V1 Gallery space, Bad News, which is in the front of Black Bear Bar. Jacob Holdt’s American Pictures is currently up, and it is fantastic. Then we’ll head north, up Wythe, and make a stop at The Ides or Reynard because these are my home-bases and perfect stops before heading to Greenpoint, where I’ve lived for eight years, for part two of the night. Straight to River Styx for good times, squid suave, and perfect nachos. Then round out the night at Achilles Heel for familiar faces, on-point tunes, and an overall killer selection of all things good.





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