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Get to Know Catherine Alexander’s Cool-Girl Inner Circle



“When you live in New York for 16 years, you tend to meet some exquisitely amazing people,” says Catherine Alexander. Well, true that. Not only does the majorly talented jewelry designer behind the line Stanmore have a dope group of girlfriends, but she also gets together with all of them regularly to swap ideas and dole out support—like a creative collective of sorts. Meet the gang. —jane gauger


Morgan Gibbons
“Morgan is a stylist and is seriously one of the most beautiful people you’ll ever meet—inside and out. Her closet is a dreamland, and her sense of style is very much her own. She somehow masters that whole ‘Oh! I just woke up and threw these six things on and didn’t spend a second thinking about it but somehow I look like a supermodel and all the boys love me’ look better than the rest of us could ever hope to even in our wildest fashion fantasies.”


Becca Mapes
“As far as metalwork and jewelry-making goes, Becca blows my mind with the knowledge and skill she possesses. I could work for years at it and still not come close to her abilities at the bench. Lucky us that her skills are evenly matched by her creativity and talent! Her jewelry for her line Winden may be on the smaller side, but it sure does stand out in its humor and personal resonance.”


Ellen Van Dusen
“Ellen has a penchant for making people feel good, and I can never tell if it’s because her clothes for Dusen Dusen make you want to find the coolest party around or if it’s because, even upon just meeting her, you can tell she’s a real-life genuine sweetheart.” [Ed: So much more Ellen here.]


Tory Noll
“Tory—or Tito, as I like to call her—is probably secretly hobnobbing it up with Geena Davis over at Mensa. Not only does she design and run her own shoe line Ten & Co., but she also writes for magazines like Vice and Whitehall, does prop-styling on fashion shoots, and can do the Friday New York Times crossword in less time than it takes you to eat your lunch.”


Vera Correll
“Even though Vera can seem quiet at first, when you’re lucky enough to get to know her, you’ll find she has an ease about her that makes you want to talk to her for hours. That trait carries over to her work: For their line Correll Correll, she and her twin sister design clothes that make you feel like you could kick your shoes off in the middle of a fashion party and curl up on the sofa with a glass of wine and Iris Apfel.”


Lisa Fuller
“I don’t how she does it, but Lisa makes the softest jeans—they fill you out in all the right places and slim down your legs to Gisele-ian proportions. She also happens to have the raddest sense of humor. Her male dog’s name is Pizza Marie. If you stop by her store Courtshop, try to get in on a day she’s working, and you (and, might I add, your butt) will not regret it.”

Catherine’s obsidian cuff is cool enough to hangout on your wrist everyday. 



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