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Inside Job

Bridie Picot Takes Us Inside Her Upstate Getaway

Inside Job BY alex ronan 04/17/2014

The first weekend Bridie Picot spent at what she calls her shack in the Catskills, she googled brown bears. “I saw one crossing the road and wasn’t sure how scared I should be,” says the lady behind the cheekily functional home line Thing Industries. She quickly got over the fear factor, and now she spends almost every weekend there. Here, you’ll see why. 


326 thing industries
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of Thing Industries



“I wanted the furniture to be simple and easy to move around—good for having lots of people stay over. I have a sofa from the Danish line Busk & Hertzog that folds out to a queen bed. I had nine people staying over for Thanksgiving. It’s tight, but it’s fun. This little fireplace heats the shack in about 20 minutes flat! You can also cook things on top of it, though I don’t fancy that because of the potential for mess—so usually I use the top for heating water with herbs. In the winter, it works as an old-school humidifier.”


“I have the storage worked out pretty well, and I hate clutter. A few of the products in our second collection (launching in May) are designed for just that purpose: having people visit and giving them their own space for ‘putting,’ as my niece calls it.”


“I’m from New Zealand, so naturally I’m fond of sheep. Coincidentally, the sheep is also my Chinese zodiac animal thing.”  


“When I walk in, I feel totally relaxed, bordering on lazy. The house is really close to the Delaware River, which is my all-time favorite place to swim. I love the seasons up there, the neighbors, the potential to have chickens and bees. Inside the house, my favorite thing is the picture window in the bedroom.”


Spotted Beast Rug
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