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The Insider: Lisa Hedge

The Insider BY monica derevjanik 05/08/2014



What happens when you mix save the dates, photo-realistic florals, and some kick-ass graphic design? That would be Lisa Hedge’s stunning, crazy-fresh wedding stationery, Venamour. Girl is tal-en-ted: While working at Partners & Spade, she whipped up all sorts of magic for brands like J.Crew and Warby Parker, and now she’s bringing her skills to, well, people like us! Prepare to be impressed. 


Q: Which celebrity would leave you most star-struck?

A: I get giddy spotting art stars, especially in their natural habitats. I’ve seen Marina Abramović a few times in the city. She’s otherworldly. It always makes my heart skip a beat.


Q: What are some things that you wear pretty much nonstop?

A: Typically I find something that I love, and then I can’t remember what I could have possibly worn before that thing existed. I live in my high-waisted Acne jeans, and I love a pair of solid, workhorse boots with something soft and comfortable on top. 


Q: What are three websites you’re obsessed with? 

A: I’m naturally always keeping up with whatever crazy-talented stuff Partners & Spade is sending out into the world. Also, Brain Pickings for mind-expanding—if you’re ever feeling uninspired, you’re not looking hard enough, and there are ideas and thoughts floating around on that site to always keep one ticking. Miss Moss is also up there on the list. She’s got killer taste and a super-fresh sensibility. Can I add “10 Things” [Ed: Of a Kind’s Monday newsletter!] as number three and a half to this list as well?


Q: And what are you reading?

A: I’m currently making my way through Susan Sontag’s Reborn for inspiration and perspective. She speaks of vitality in a poetic way. It’s an intimate look into a voracious mind, and her casual musings are as good as life mantras.


Q: Tell us something people don’t know about you.

A: I had an accent until I was a teenager. I can’t pinpoint the year it finally neutralized, but I was born in New Zealand to a Kiwi dad and British mum and was raised in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Texas. I think it fully faded after a few years in southern California, but it creeps back in weird—and sometimes embarrassing—moments.


Q: Which Of a Kind designer are you totally in love with?

A: I adore the Upstate girls—Astrid and Kalen are always making gorgeous and artistic things. I’m also really into Ace & Jig. That line feels like The Velvet Underground on a summer afternoon with wide-open windows.


Q: What do you always, always travel with?

A: A ridiculously oversize scarf. Aside for the obvious pleasure of traveling in comfort, it doubles as a pillow or a blanket. Stealing sleep while traveling is restorative and feels like a luxury, especially when there’s not enough of it happening! I’ve also recently discovered the key to traveling is appropriate luggage. A good carryall— as opposed to a chaotic duffle, which has been my typical M.O.—can make one feel pretty civilized.




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