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Jessica Taft Langdon Gets Her Dance On

BY olivia seely 05/26/2014


Ah, little Jessica!

Growing up, Jessica Taft Landon was serious about ballet…until she ditched the barre at age 16. Now she spends more time thinking about sandals for her footwear line The Palatines than she does pointe shoes. But since moving to L.A. in 2011, she has developed a bit of a dance habit—one that helps take her mind and body off the stresses of starting her own label. Here, she makes her case. 



335 the palatines
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of The Palatines



“Ryan runs the studio in a way that is meant to be as inviting as possible. A lot of the people who come have no background in dance—no training—and aren’t particularly fit. It’s an incredibly high-energy, super-inclusive, very Silver Lake-specific experience.”



“The class is basically divided up into three sections. The first is a pretty straightforward warm-up, which includes light cardio, stretching, and yoga-based moves, all of which are strung together in slightly choreographed routines. During this section, Ryan also does a quick bit on technique, focusing on jazz- and ballet-based positioning and strengthening.”



“The second part of class is pretty quick floor movement. Ryan really encourages people to be expressive and make the moves their own—be sexy if you’re feeling sexy, be silly if you’re feeling silly. This part of the class is the most fun for people who aren’t classically trained.”



“The third part of class is the most challenging part for most folks. It is for me! Ryan teaches a new combination or dance routine every second week. The combinations range from a minute to a minute and a half in length. It sounds really short, but if you think about trying to follow choreography and string everything together and be sexy, a minute and half is a really long time!”

Class photos courtesy of Ryan Crase.


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