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Key to the City

Teresa Kahres Unearths the Very Best Spots in Carroll Gardens

Key to the City BY meghana gandhi 05/29/2014

“I’m a very loyal person,” says Teresa Kahres, who’s spent the vast majority of her time in NYC—14 years, but who’s counting?—living in Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens. Which obviously means she should be your go-to girl when looking for recs in the ‘hood—and we’re not just talking about the fancy new joints. 



A rack just waiting to be scoured at Olive’s.

3 Places You Have to Hit for Vintage

Olive’s Very Vintage
(434 Court St.)

332 t.kahres jewelry
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of T.Kahres Jewelry


Bopkat Vintage
“The owner actually does styling for movies. She has a bunch of fabric—I’ve covered a chair in her fabric.”
(117 Union St.)

Yesterday’s News
“This is an antique and used furniture shop that my studio mates, fiancé, and I are all obsessed with and visit constantly. We’ve gotten pieces there for the apartment and the studio. They say that a truck arrives every Tuesday with more inventory.”
(428 Court St.)


Look for this sign for your caffeine fix.

9 Spots to Fill Your Belly With Amazingness

Court Street Grocers
“They make the best breakfast egg sandwich for $5.50. Plus, they have a bunch of funky groceries: spicy peanut butter, weird jams, Japanese mayo.”
(485 Court St.)

Union Market
“My fiancé and I spend so much money here that we should own stock in the company.”
(288 Court St.)

D’Amico Foods
“This place has been here since the forties and does old-school coffee. They make their own and roast it there. It has no style, which kind of makes it stylish.”
(309 Court St.)

Mazzola Bakery and Café
“We used to go late at night and buzz the doorbell. We would give the guy $5 for piping-hot bread and would put butter on it at home.”
(192 Union St.)

Carroll Gardens Fish Market
“This market is run by a super-cute Korean couple. It’s very clean, and the fish is beautiful.”
(359 Court St.)

Ferdinando’s Focacceria
“This Italian restaurant has been around for a hundred years. It’s a dinky place that you’d never normally go into, but they have this panelle sandwich—crushed chickpeas in a soft bun with ricotta—that’s delicious.”
(151 Union St.)

“They make my favorite pizza. They only serve pizza and calzones—there’s no dessert or appetizers. It is dark and cute and makes you feel like you’re in Italy. It’s constantly packed; as soon as it opens, there’s a line.”
(575 Henry St.)

Petite Crevette
“This restaurant is in an old flower shop on the side of a building—it’s a fish place run by a French guy who’s there every night. The food is simple and easy.”
(144 Union St.)

G. Esposito & Sons
“It’s basically an Italian specialty shop, family-owned. The sandwiches are completely and utterly delicious—the sweet sausage, broccoli rabe, and gorgonzola hero is one of my favorites—and are great to take in the car on a road trip or to the beach.”
(357 Court St.)


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