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The Insider: Molly Yeh

The Insider BY monica derevjanik 06/05/2014



If you’ve ever dreamed of dropping it all and moving to the middle of nowhere, well, Molly Yeh is the chick who actually followed through. Don’t be jealous: Instead, follow along. Girl’s got a crazy-compelling blog, My Name Is Yeh, crammed with pics of adventures and farmhouse makeovers—and total-curveball recipes for things like za’atar pizza, pretzel shortbread cookies, and red bean toast that’ll impressive friends wherever you call home. Get the goss on the Yeh way here. 


Q: You made a big move from Brooklyn to a farm in North Dakota! What has that been like?

A: I like that I can concentrate here. Some people focus best when they have parties and dinner plans to bookend their work hours, and apparently I am the opposite of that. I get the most work done when I know that I have the whole day to do whatever I want. Aside from the work aspect, people in the Midwest have very different personalities than those in New York, and that’s been slower to tap into. Meeting people in this very small town is less about the elevator pitch and more about a slow process of getting to know one another. I haven’t completely figured it out yet, but I trust that I have the time to. 


Q: What’s going to be on your summer playlist?

A: I’m going on tour with a chamber orchestra this summer! I’m really excited. It’ll be my first time in Berkeley and Ojai—and my first time performing the music of Kurt Weill and Charles Ives. I’ll best be listening to those guys on repeat. Aside from that, I really hope that San Fermin releases their new music soon. I heard some of it live, and it was almost betterthan their old stuff, which was hard to believe. Also, Iron & Wine and Nickel Creek pretty much always wiggle their ways onto the list.


Q: What’s the most delicious meal you’ve made in recent memory?

A: Just a few days ago I rediscovered the shallot. I don’t know why I had forgotten about it for so long. I made a simple spinach frittata with shallots and some sausage that was leftover from our weekly Friday pizza night. It was the perfect Sunday brunch.


Q: Which celebrity would leave you most star-struck?

A: Mandy Patinkin.


Q: What’s one thing we would never guess about you?

A: I was spirit captain of my high school’s math team. My one mission was to have everyone wear hot pink shirts that read “Real Mathletes Wear Pink.” It never happened. 


Q: Which Of a Kind designer are you totally in love with?

A: All of them? Is that slutty? Ok, I especially love the Helen Levi Gilded Eye Mug. And Catbird—the magical, magical Catbird. 


Q: What do you never, ever travel without?

A: Earphones, because I love pegging a playlist to a specific time and place—and then reliving that time by listening to that music years or months down the road. Also, you never know when you’re going to have to tune out snoring or a small, crying human.


Q: Favorite quote of all time—go.

A: If life gives you lemons, squeeze them on a schnitzel!




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