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DIY Your Own Super-Sleek Clothing Rack With Szeki Chan

Hone Your Craft BY alisha prakash 06/09/2014


Check out Szeki’s new store! She also built the concrete jewelry displays, the store signage, and the light fixtures—dang, girl.

Wow, has Szeki Chan come a long way since her early days in jewelry design, when she was selling her wares from the sidewalk. She opened her first boutique selling clothing and accessories on Manhattan’s LES in 2008, and she unveiled her second in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in March 2014. The new digs have a soothing, airy vibe—made possible by the fact that she and her aesthetically minded husband built many of the components, including some slick wooden clothing racks that you should totally replicate for your own pad. 

+ Two 1-inch-diameter, 5-foot-long wood rods
+ Four ¾-inch-thick, 3-inch-wide, 7-foot-long wood boards
+ Two 1-inch-thick, 2-inch-wide, 6-foot-long wood boards
+ Two 1-inch-thick, 1-inch-wide, 19 ½-inch-long wood boards
+ Two ½-inch diameter, 3-inch-long hex bolts
+ Two ½-inch nuts to fit the hex bolts
+ Clamp
+ Pencil
+ Power drill, with ½-inch Phillips screwdrive bit
+ Titebond Original Wood Glue




Step 1: Sandwich one of the 6-foot-long wood boards between two of the 7-foot-long wood boards to form an X using a clamp. Mark the intersecting point between the boards for drilling. Be aware that the intersecting point will determine the height of the connecting rod. (The rod will rest above this intersection in the V that is formed.)


Step 2: Drill all three boards through the mark that you made.


Step 3: Insert the hex bolt into the hole—it now acts as an axel. Fasten the bolt loosely, creating one X stand.


Step 4: Create a support joist by positioning one of the 19 ½-inch-long boards between the legs that are formed. Adjust the height of the board placement and the angle of the X until the board fits as you want it to.


Step 5: Glue the support joist in place, and tighten the long hex bolt that holds your X together, finishing it with a nut. [Ed: Note that that skinny rod you see in this pic won’t actually be in place yet!]


Step 6: Repeat step 1 through 7. Now you have two stands. It’s time to connect them!


Step 7: Put one rod between the top of the two Xs, above the intersection formed by the bolts, and the other rod across the two bottom support joists. Mark the placement of the rod for drilling.



Step 8: Drive a screw into each of the four intersecting points of the rods to ensure stability. Hang stuff on your new clothing rack!


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