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The Insider: Laurel Pinson

The Insider BY mattie kahn 08/07/2014



Two things we love about StyleCaster: The fashion site entices us to click on Facebook links like nobody else (seriously: like them now if you don’t already), and Laurel Pinson is the HBIC. As editor-in-chief, lady conjures up smart, savvy content about everything from road-trip packing to emoji to Marky Mark. She’s pretty much magic—a little taste of that below. 


Q: Who is your celebrity spirit animal?

A: Diane Kruger. All day. Every day. I just want to live in the lining of her skin. I just want to be close to her! Let’s just share, you know? I love what she wears. I love her personality. I love that she’s, like, going grocery shopping in fabulous outfits with Pacey. She landed Pacey! That was everybody’s dream. Good job, Diane. 


Q: What’s the last item of clothing you bought?

A: I bought a top from A Détacher. I’m really into overpriced tops—maybe because I’m a real dinner-party socializer, so I really invest in things that are waist-up. Like, you know, a nice statement necklace or really great earrings or a really great top.


Q: What are you looking forward to crossing off your to-do list before Labor Day?

A: Well, I am taking a trip. My husband and I usually take a summer vacation. This year, we’re going to go to Croatia, which I’m incredibly excited about. I also want to buy a new swimsuit, which I’m sure is going to be a project I’m going to drag out for, like, a month and a half. I’m really excited about it, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.


Q: What are your top three beauty essentials?

A: Number one: Under-eye concealer. Number two: Under-eye concealer. Number three: Under-eye concealer. I’ve gotten really obsessed with RMS Beauty. It’s natural, which I appreciate—I don’t think I realized how much toxic stuff I put on my face until I started really getting into more organic and natural beauty products.


Q: Which Of a Kind designers just get you?

A: Lizzie Fortunato. I’m obsessed. It’s a real problem. The earrings. The necklaces. I actually have a necklace that I bought at a trunk show while I was in Austin, and they were there. I literally just bowed in front of them. I was like, “Thank you for all you do.” 




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