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Org Chart: 8 Pro-Tips for (Finally) Whipping Your Closet into Shape


imageAh…organization (and a really cool rug, too).

Have you met Tidy Tova, the organizing genius who is also in possession of the most winning smile and the beachiest hair (yah, went ahead and made that a superlative—so what?). She recently gave Claire’s closet a major overhaul, and it felt like such a *teachable moment* that we thought we really ought to share her brilliance with all of you. Below, the tactics she swears by—and the products-slash-storage solutions that are actually worth your dough. —erica

imageIf you need some new dresses to replace the rejects, have at it.

1) Do a round of purging first.
“That stuff’s always hard—and it’s definitely case-specific—but I definitely don’t have a one-year rule or anything like that. I always just tell people to be realistic. You know yourself. If you put it on now and you’re doubting it today, you will not want to wear it a year from now.”

2) Keep like items together.
“Separate the skirts from the tank tops from the shirts from the dresses—that’s how I merchandise or whatever, call it what you want. Even with T-shirts and long-sleeve shirts—if those are mixed-up, it’s going to take you way longer to find what you’re looking for. After you separate everything by category, you can do a second round of thinking and contemplate how often you wearing everything. If you’re wearing dresses more often than tank tops, put them in the front or in the middle of your closet.”

imageBins! Full of scarves!

3) Divvy up your undergarments with drawer organizers.
“Having to shuffle through your thongs to find the one pair of regular underwear—that’s time and effort, and that’s frustrating for people.”
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4) Give your shelving some structure with bins.
“If you have a lot of belts, put them in a see-through bin. If you have a lot of silk scarves that you’re folding up, do the same. The clear bin means you can see exactly what’s happening.”
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imageOh, hey: All those shoes are Of a Kind, and they’re right here.

5) Score those skinny velvet hangers to make the most of closet space.
“They’re super-thin—they’re what I always suggest.”
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6) Get a double-decker shoe rack to keep those soles in-check.
“Ideally you store your shoes tucked away in the bottom of a closet. I don’t love them on the backs of doors—I think that gets very heavy, and they fall all over the place.
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imageGetting cozy with the label-maker.

7) Fully utilize the backs of doors.
“That’s just a great, great storage space, specifically for hooks where you can hang hats or bags or whatnot. I love Command hooks. I think they’re great. You can install them yourself—you don’t have to get all handy.”
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8) Label—yes, really.
“It adds that extra element of, honestly, guilt. It’s like that that little voice saying, ‘No, no, no—you know this doesn’t belong here. It belongs one bin over.’ It really is that slap-in-the-face reminder. It does make you look compulsive, and it’s a little pedantic. But I just think adding that one extra hint of ‘behave yourself’ can really make a difference.”

For more Tidy Tova insights, head this way.

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