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Key to the City

Amira Marion's Guide to Having the BEST Time in Antigua, Guatemala

Key to the City BY maura brannigan 10/26/2014

Holy whoa.

Growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Amira Mason, didn’t really understand the amazingness that was her childhood home. “My parents had spent a lot of time in Guatemala in the seventies, so my house had a lot of textiles and wall hangings from their travels,” she says. “I was blind to them at first.” When she got older, though, Amira began appreciating those vibrant surroundings—and decided to create a home décor company, Archive New York, to pay tribute. Today, Amira makes regular trips to Antigua, a Spanish colonial town in Guatemala, on her way to the lake where most of her fabrics are woven, and with her travels come tips—lots of ‘em—that this quasi-native is very down to share with us. 




1) To Visit: Colegio de San Jerónimo
(Corner of Alameda de Santa Lucia and 1a Calle Poniente)

369 archive new york
"Its such a beatiful and calming haven and I am addicted to their waterlemon juice at breakfast. They also have Marmite, which I have a weakness for."
of Archive New York




2) To Eat, Pt. 1: Sabe Rico
“Sabe Rico is a little restaurant-slash-café with seating in this lush tropical garden backyard. The menu is extensive, and they have nice juices and smoothies.”
(6a. Avenida Sur 7)




3) To Stay: Casa Santo Domingo
“This hotel is arguably the most beautiful place to stay in Antigua. The building was once a convent that was partially destroyed by that earthquake in 1773, and the hotel was built around its ruins. Even if you don’t stay here, it’s still well-worth a visit to wander the gardens and peak into one of the many museums.”
(3a. Calle Oriente 28)




4) To Eat, Pt. 2: Hector’s Bistro
“Hector’s is a super, super cute little French spot with great food and a nice ambiance. It’s right across from the bright yellow La Merced, which is an impressive 16th century church—definitely worth a visit, too!”
(1ra. Calle Poniente 9A)




5) To Shop: Nim Po’t
“Nim Po’t has such a great collection huipils—traditional blouses—from all over Guatemala, and the prices are good. They also sell postcards, coffee, chocolate—so it’s a great place to get some souvenirs to bring back home.”
(5a. Avenida Norte)




6) To Eat, Pt. 3: Quesos y Vinos
“Quesos y Vinos is right in an old, gated house just near the city center. I definitely recommend sitting on the candle-lit patio and ordering some brick-oven pizza and wine.”
(5ta. Avenida Norte 32A)




7) To Snack: Helados Exoticos
“This place is a tiny ice cream spot right off the central square. They serve up some crazy flavors like sweet potato pie, apple & chipotle, wasabi fig, and one of my favorites, mezcal.”
(4ta. Avenia 5A)


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