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Listen Up: We Now Have a Radio Show—Based on Our 10 Things Newsletter!

Listen Up BY erica 05/11/2015


Something you might not know about us because it doesn't really come through on the internet: We talk a lot. A whole lot. And so we decided to put our jabbermouths to good use with a weekly radio show on Heritage Radio Network (the geniuses who brought you After the Jump with Grace Bonney and Radio Cherry Bomb!). Every Wednesday at 1p ET, you can catch us here (LIVE!) talking about our latest discoveries on A Few Things with Claire and Erica—think of it as an extension of our Monday "10 Things" newsletter, but with a bonus very special guest each go-round and plenty of tangents. 


Oh, and don't feel like you have to listen when they air, either: We'll post links to the shows on our site for your streaming pleasure. (You can also follow along on Stitcher, iTunes, or whatever magical tool you use to track these types of things.)


Because we hardly want to keep you waiting, our first two episodes are ready, here and now. They're 30-ish minutes and pair well with lunch, in our experience. So keep scrolling. 



Episode 1: California, Here We Come // LISTEN

Special and amazing guest: Lauren Sherman

Let's talk about: Ojai pixies, Cali produce and drought guilt, and the athleisure trend—no, movement.


The post-listen link-dumpage:


On Ojai pixies...

+ Where to buy these tasty things: (which sells the Ojai Pixie Party Box) and Good Eggs

+ Modern Farmer story on branded citrus

+ The Farmer and the Cook, a vegan restaurant that makes the most of Ojai produce


On almonds, avocados, and drought guilt...

+ Nourish Kitchen + Table, a delicious and good-for-you Manhattan cafe with some awesome almond milk alternatives

+ NYMag avocado story

+ Man Repeller on the Avocado Theory


On athleisure—with Lauren Sherman!

+ Lauren's weekly newsletter

+ Companies and websites that sell a bunch of cool athleisure lines: Net-a-Sporter, Carbon38, Without Walls

+ Up-and-coming athleisure brands we're into: Outdoor Voices, Sweaty Betty, Live the Process, Ten Thousand, Tracksmith



Episode 2: Mixed Social Media // LISTEN

Special and amazing guest: Jamie Beck

Let's talk about: Promposal hashtags, Instagram food art, and how to deal with all these social-media platforms.


The post-listen link-dumpage:


On promposals...

+ The hashtags to follow: #promposal and #promproposal

+ The Washington Post's story that timelines the term

+ Best of promposals on Laguna Beach


On Instagram food art...

+ Who to check out: @chefjacqueslamerde, @imlauramiller (#froobs), @mimiochun, @burr0w


On social-media savvy—with Jamie Beck!

+ Where to follow Jamie: on the internet, on Tumblr, @annstreetstudio on Instagram, and annstreetstudio on Snapchat

+ Jamie's photos from the Met Gala: @metmuseum

+ Mashable article on how to use Snapchat

+ "A Teenager's View on Social Media" over at Medium



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