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Listen Up: Episode 5 of A Few Things with Claire and Erica—It's Time!

Listen Up BY erica 06/01/2015

Making (easy) gift-wrapping magic with washi tape (c/o Brit + Co!).


On the latest episode of our new Heritage Radio show, we had so much to jabber about that we didn't even have time for a special guest. So what was so important that we urgently needed to address? Anxiety...and preserved foods and washi tape. We have a lot of all of those things, all right? Tune in here—and feel free to catch up on past eps while you're at it.



Episode 5: Things We Have a Lot Of // LISTEN

Let's talk about: Washi tape, canned and tinned foods, and dealing with anxiety (or at least trying to).


The post-listen link-dumpage:


On washi tape...

+ Washi tape origin story from MT

+ Tons of washi tape ideas over at Brit + Co

+ Where to buy this stuff: Top Hat (NYC), Wishy Washi (online)—and Apartment Therapy has a bunch of other online sources


On delicious preserved foods...

+ Vogue article about canned food by Tamar Alder (author of An Everlasting Meal)

+ Restaurants in NYC with yummy tinned seafood on the menu: Maiden Lane, Huertas, Prune

+ Other sources for top-notch preserved foods: Zingerman's (Ann Arbor and online), Despaña (NYC)

+ Nancy Silverton's A Twist of the Wrist cookbook

+ Marcella Hazan tomato sauce recipe

+ Luxardo cherries

+ Tonnino tuna


On anxiety and the multitude of ways we try to tackle it...

+ NYMag article about Anna Wintour where she talks about young adults and anxiety

Claire's guide to starting a running routine

+ Mindful cooking

+ Our go-to knitting store in NYC, Purl

+ Meditation apps and books: Headspace, The Mindful Way Through Depression, Pema Chödrön



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