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Listen Up: After Episode 16 of A Few Things with Claire and Erica, We're Outtie—for Now

Listen Up BY erica 08/17/2015

Just working from a shared hotel bed, like all business partners do.


This episode—sweet sixteen!—marks the end of our first season on Heritage Radio Network. Listen to us gab about something near 'n dear, get caught up on past chattboxing, and KIT? We'll be back in your ears this fall, if you'll have us.



Episode 16: Partners in Crime // LISTEN

Let's talk about: What it's actually like to start a business with a friend.


The post-listen link-dumpage:


On friends-turned-co-founders...

+ Mashable post on the topic

+, where we order posters of sayings that are too good not to commemorate with wall art


And also...

+ What should we talk about season two, huh? Email thoughts to!



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