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Listen Up: It's Season 2 of A Few Things with Claire and Erica—Already

Listen Up BY lindsay o'rourke 09/23/2015


We’re baaaaack! We’re so psyched to kick off season two of our Heritage Radio Network show and to discuss two very important topics: dinner-party tricks and dental hygiene tips. Welcome to adulthood, people--where we’re expected to host seemingly effortless get-togethers (with more than just pretzels and chips) *and* to really start taking care of our teeth ‘n gums. Do we sound old? Eh, either way, pretty sure you’ll thank us later.



Episode 17: Dinner Party Tricks & Dental Hygiene // LISTEN

Let’s talk about: Throwing the least stress-y dinner party possible and then cleaning up (your teeth, that is).


The post-listen link-dumpage:


On feeding a group...

+ Taco bar (including this chipotle cream)

+ Eggs in purgatory

+ Shakshuka

+ Roasted vegetable frittata

+ Deviled eggs

+ Clam dip

+ Candied pecans with Chinese five-spice

+ Roasted grapes, olives, and walnuts in olive oil

+ Frozen Milk Punch from Prune

+ Banana’s foster

+ Ice cream toppings: Luxardo cherries and Drunken Monkey Jam

+ Verterra and/or Wasara dishware


On crazy coincidences—or not...

+The Onion’s “Horrifying Email from Ex-Girlfriend Titled ‘A Few Things’”


On your new dental hygiene routine...

+ Sonicare electric toothbrushes

+ Glide floss picks

+ GUM soft-picks

+ Biotene or Dr. Katz mouthwash

+ Ashley Benson’s Instagram

+ Cocowhite, for oil pulling



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