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Listen Up: The Sophomore Season of A Few Things with Claire and Erica Continues with Episode 18

Listen Up BY lindsay o'rourke 09/29/2015


This episode of our Heritage Radio show is brought to you by taking care of ourselves and others. We’ve rounded up a whole bunch of super-easy ways to feel good, in two categories: working out AND giving back. First up, our favorite fitness apps that prove, in the immortal words of Beyoncé, “a little sweat ain’t never hurt nobody.” In the second half of the show, the very-thoughtful Cassie Marketos gives us all kinds of insights on charitable donations that’ll make spreading the love even easier.



Episode 18: Jumping Jacks and Giving Back // LISTEN

Special and amazing guest: Cassie Marketos of Dollar A Day

Let’s talk about: Getting inspired to make a change (for your well-being and for others).


The post-listen link-dumpage:


On wellness apps...

+ Nike+ Running app

+ Seven Minute Workout app, for the anytime, anywhere workout

+ C25K app, for the (soon-to-be-former) couch potato

+ Nike+ Training Club app, for the fitness freak

+ Headspace app, for meditation

+ MINDBODY app, for booking all your wellness and fitness appointments

+ Migraine Buddy app


On charitable giving—with Cassie Marketos!

+ Dollar A Day

+ Indiegogo

+ For sourcing and researching charities: Charity Navigator, Guidestar,, and the Dollar A Day Calendar

+ Some organizations worth checking out: Center for Creative Land Recycling, City Blossoms, Mammoth Medical Missions, Shelter Box, Operation Backpack, United Way



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