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Listen Up: We've Got a Fresh Episode 20 of a Few Things with Claire and Erica

Listen Up BY liz 10/13/2015


This week on our Heritage Radio show A Few Things with Claire and Erica: blooms and looms! First up, we've got some low-key flower-buying and -arranging tips (hint: don’t take out your recycling until you’ve finished listening). Then, one of our all-time favorite designers (and creator of our fly new coaster and trivet setCaroline Z. Hurley tells us how she went from DIYing macaroni necklaces (which, to be fair, were super rad) to founding her own small factory in the former textile town of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Oh, and we are also giving you this photo from Bed of Roses, SO THERE'S THAT.


Episode 20: Cool Blooms and Historic Looms // LISTEN

Special and amazing guest: Caroline Z. Hurley

Let’s talk about: no-fuss fresh flowers and creative ways to make things in America.



The post-listen link dumpage:


Fun with florals... 

The Bouqs—$40 flowers for when you need to “bouq it up!”

The Sill, for tiny succulents (which are never going out of style).

+ NYC’s option for bike bouquets: Petal by Pedal.

+ Bloom That packages flowers in very smart paper cones.

+ Presenting (possibly) the world’s only florist/skate shop, Park Deli.

Bon Appetit’s guide to low-key arranging, including artist and florist Simone Shubuck’s advice for turning tomato cans into sunflower vessels (also, our contender for best-labeled can).

+ Queen Anne’s Lace advocate Taylor Patterson of Fox Fodder Farm (who also suggests vodka tonics to keep your stems looking lively).

+ Apartment Therapy’s extremely scientific test of flower freshness tricks (tl;dr: toss a penny in there).

Bare Collection’s Jeet Sohal on going monochrome and doing daily water maintenance.

+ Inside Claire’s DIY wedding flowers.


Our look at makin' things in America (but not necessarily NYC or L.A.!) with designer Caroline Z. Hurley!

+ A look at Caroline Z. Hurley’s workshop in New Bedford, Massachusetts (with video!). Inspired? You can still shop her cute coasters and trivet set on our site!

+ A brief history of New Bedford, and the story of Madewell’s roots there.




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