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Listen Up: We’re Getting Bossy (in the BEST way) on Episode 21 of A Few Things with Claire and Erica

Listen Up BY lindsay o'rourke 10/20/2015

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Drop what you’re doing and listen to this week’s podcast of A Few Things with Claire and Erica if you want to get all of our business secrets for free—things like CCing, organizing your inbox, and just plain doing things better (we swear!). Speaking of...who is the genius who came up with the CC? Get that person a medal. Are you bored yet? Could this be the worst episode EVER? We really hope your answer is: #no.

Also, if you have any work-tool recommendations, we are accepting submissions at


Episode 20: How to Run a Business Like a BOSS // LISTEN

Let’s talk about: How Of a Kind works, including the things we do you’ll think are crazy.


The post-listen link-dumpage:


On tips and tricks for optimal office productivity:

+ No one should start their day until 10 am, according to this genius scientist—we’ve been saying it all along, people!

+ CC, so the appropriate people are in the loop. Oh, and always, always reply all.

+ Gmail, because duh.

+ Streak, a CRM that works via your Gmail inbox.

+ Fast Company’s guide to becoming a superhuman in the office.

+ Slack, for chatting so you don’t clog up your inbox (or anyone else’s).

+ Shared calendars (we use Google) for meeting invites and so everyone’s aware of each other’s schedules (even if it’s an acupuncture appointment).

+ Pro tip: Feel free to rely on the search tool (which also works in Google calendar!).

+ Dropbox, for sharing and downloading files (also, the mobile app!).

+ Google Drive, for sharing documents, spreadsheets, photos, and beyond. Google, if you’re listening/reading, we love you, but can you please create tabbed documents? That would be super helpful and win our eternal love.



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