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Listen Up: Episode 26, Makeover Edition: Interior-Design Hacks and Beauty Tips for Giving Great Face

Listen Up BY lindsay o'rourke 11/24/2015

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This week we’re getting our Ty Pennington on and doing some serious makeovers—of your house and your beauty routine. We’re breaking down the simple, design-y things you can do to make your home cooler AND more organized, and then we’re asking Chelsa Crowley and Julie Fredrickson, who created the brilliant, crazy-efficient makeup line Stowaway, to talk us through how product gets made and how we should be putting it on our faces—they have some real colorful stories to share.


Episode 26: Makeover Edition: Interior-Design Hacks and Beauty Tips for Giving Great Face // LISTEN

Special and amazing guests: Chelsa Crowley and Julie Fredrickson, co-founders of Stowaway Cosmetics.

Let’s talk about: Being psyched on your home set-up...and making makeup that women will actually use up.


The post-listen link-dumpage:


+ Erica’s inspiration for her wine-crate bedside tables: Hillary Taymour’s apple crates affixed to a kitchen wall as open shelving and Baixa House in Lisbon, where crates serve as nightstands. One of our designers, Thing Industries, also makes this Birdhouse bookshelf that gets the job done.

+ Claire affixed a galvanized steel window planter to her bathroom wall to hold hair dryers.

+ Ladders are awesome for linen storage (and magazines, too!). Unison makes reasonably priced two-tone one, and World Market library ladders also work great.

+ Make your own marbled water glasses with nail polish, water, and toothpicks.

+ Make even the most bland furniture feel special by papering it with an amazing pattern, like this dresser upgraded with Lisa Congdon wallpaper.

+ Frame wallpaper, fabric, or wrapping paper. And, hey: We’re selling some of our favorites of the latter in our holiday pop-up shop (which went live TODAY). For wallpaper, give Flat Vernacular, JuJu Papers, and Josef Frank a look.

+ Haley Boyd, the designer behind  Marais USA, showed us how she hung floral fabric to break up a room (tiny apartment dwellers, take note).


On how you make new makeup with Chelsa Crowley and Julie Fredrickson of Stowaway...

+ Makeup expiration dates: They exist! Eye makeup is the biggest one to worry about.

+ A primer on phthalates and parabens—Stowaway is compliant with EU cosmetic rules.

+ Read Stowaway’s study with Poshly, which helped them discover that 75% of women NEVER finish their makeup products.

+ Our Stowaway go-tos: Claire swears by the Creaseless Concealer and the Cheek & Lip Rouge, Erica’s obsessed with the Effortless Eyeliner, and they’re both way into the new holiday Lipstick Trio.

+ Bonne Bell Shoutin’ Sugar lovers: Claire’s sitting on a serious stash of the discontinued shade.

+ The key to nailing Chelsa’s signature aggressively natural look: Go big on blush.

+ Trick to great skin: Exfoliate. There’s two kinds, physical (like Clinique’s Exfoliating Scrub) and chemical (like Sunday Riley Good Genes). And always be moisturizing! Chelsa likes Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer.



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