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Listen Up: Episode 28, Sparknotes for Celebrity Pseudo-Advice Books and an Expert Guide to Writing on the Interwebz

Listen Up BY lindsay o'rourke 12/07/2015


Who run the world? GIRLS. (Or maybe more like WOMEN.) On this week’s episode of A Few Things with Claire and Erica on Heritage Radio, we’re talking about (and with) our favorite badass bitches—from Mindy to Shonda to Miz Molly McAleer. First, we’re giving you our “Clarica Notes” (get it??) on advice books by TV celebs—because that’s where we get our wisdom (okay, we threw in Sheryl Sandberg for good measure). Then our girl Molly, one of the original Tumblr pioneers, shares how she went from being “a crazy message-board troll” to co-founding Hello Giggles and writing for TV. And with that, we’ll leave you with this poignant quote from Tina Fey: “Bitches get things done.”


Episode 28: Sparknotes for Celebrity Pseudo-Advice Books and an Expert Guide to Writing on the Interwebz // LISTEN

Special and amazing guest: Molly McAleer, co-founder of Hello Giggles and former staff writer for Two Broke Girls.

Let’s talk about: Advice from our favorite ladybosses.


The post-listen link-dumpage:


On the best advice anyone can give you...

+ Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and Why Not Me?. Her idea of “The General” resonated with us SO HARD—as did this quote: “Sometimes you just have to put on lip gloss and pretend to be psyched.”

+ Shonda Rhimes’s Year of Yes, because we should ALL want to be taught by Shonda—especially about how no one benefits from trying to get Whitney Houston’s hair.

+ Bossy Pants by Tina Fey, for tips on improving everywhere (like at the office).

+ For tips on dealing with “Sunshine Stealers” and supporting your friends in tough times: Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham and Yes, Please by Amy Poehler.

+ Non-TV celebrity book we’re all about: Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In (maybe you’ve heard of it?) for it’s intel on finding a life partner AND a mentor.


On the life and times of internet troll grande dame, Molly McAleer!

+ Molly’s podcast Plz Advise. Give it a listen!

+ Laura Miller, the vegan chef who makes headdresses out of scallions. Enough said.

+ Talk radio-faves: Howard Stern, Dr. Laura, Ebro in the Morning, and Steve Harvey’s Strawberry Letter.

+ In case you’re looking to fall down an internet rabbit hole, google “crazy conspiracy theories” annnnnd #chemtrails. You’re welcome.



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