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Let’s Go Foraging for Art Supplies with Wild Habit

Got It Made BY jane gauger 12/13/2015

Have you gotten your hands dirty lately? Sue Fan and Danielle Quigley, the friends behind Wild Habit, live for it. “I’ve always loved being outside. If I could climb a tree everyday, I would!” declares Sue. It’s no wonder they create all of their designs from bones, bark, and stones they pluck off the ground. Tag along as they show us how a willingness to get some grit under their nails—with an assist from vintage jumpsuits—turns a walk in the woods into a (very cool) supply run.


Sue: “This was a trip to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. We had a big custom order happening, so we needed more white birch. The jumpsuits are vintage French military jumpsuits we found at a junk shop. They are awesome! These tall green bags fit rolled-up birch perfectly.”


Danielle: “I’m no expert in all things nature, but I can safely say I have a strong knowledge in birch bark! I really like unique shapes. We try and get out once a week to forage. We like to take our dogs on our hikes, and we make big trips every few months.”


Sue: “This was a trip to Rancho Penasquitos in San Diego, one of our favorite foraging spots. We generally carry a tote of some sort with us. If we find something large that we’re absolutely in love with, we’ll muscle it between us. We really limit ourselves to what’s sustainable. We don’t break off branches, and we don’t pick up too much.”


Sue: “Here we’re holding up river birch from the Catskills in New York. Our foraging eyes are always open to just about anything and everything. Often there are seed pods, dried lichen, moss on trees, or bark or feathers on the ground. We used this bark for one of our Mountain Bed table lamps.”


Danielle: “After we bring materials back, we figure out who likes doing what part. I like the raw, messy parts where I get my hands dirty. Sue is a perfectionist and is so good at the finishing touches.


Sue: “We don’t just wear our jumpsuits outside—they’re handy for all our messy days of drilling, sanding, and making.”


Framedstitchedwhitebirch product 4
Framed Stitched White Birch
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