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The 10 Very Best Things of “10 Things”...So Far



Right about now marks the three year anniversary of our weekly “10 Things” newsletter. (If you don’t know what that is, you’re not living your best life, and we should change that.) Some back-of-the-napkin math says we’ve sent over 1,500 of our latest-and-greatest discoveries to inboxes near you over that time, and the ten below are ones that we continue to enthuse about and advocate for with zero abandon. Please note that this list could have easily been 36 (or 94 or 179) items long, but that’s not nearly as catchy.


Erica’s Things:


  • Overnight Oatmeal
    I hear from people regularly who have incorporated this recipe into their breakfast routines—or, heck, have made it a cornerstone. It’s easy, adaptable, and delicious.

  • Soapwalla Deodorant
    If this deodorant is looking for a non-celebrity spokesperson, I hereby nominate myself. I couldn’t possibly feel better about it (and, as a result, my armpits): It’s not technically an antiperspirant because it doesn’t have any icky aluminum in it, but it does keep you sweat-free somehow despite that.

  • Simple
    Whenever I pull out my bright-white Simple debit card, I prepare to give a hard pitch on my online bank, with its awesome app, handy notifications, and game-changing goal-setting tool.

  • Purl Knitting Kit
    This is the thing that turned me into a knitter after years of aspiring to become one.

  • Quiet
    I cite this book about introversion all the dang time. Do you leave a party feeling energized or beaten-down? If it’s the former, you’re an extrovert. If it’s the latter, welcome to the club.

Claire’s Things:


  • Le Pen
    These have officially made their way onto the office supply checklist. I’ve converted everyone from our photographer to Erica’s dad. 

  • The Gentlewoman Magazine
    It’s just so smart, sophisticated, and unexpected—and it does not take itself too seriously. All the things we want Of a Kind to be! The core concept is to highlight impressive women—everyone from Pamela Anderson to an accomplished cellist to the woman who runs the famous Poilâne bakeries in Paris. I’m always interested in whatever they have to say.

  • Songza
    The go-to soundtrack for the office—always. Nobody does background music like Songza.

  • Mini Steamer
    This thing is pure magic. Erica and I always text each other before leaving for business trips to see which one of us is charged with bringing it because we’d never think to travel without it.

  • Peppermint oil
    I’ve now turned my husband on to this stuff, and he and I both put it on daily before leaving the house. It really shines in the NYC subway, which is miserably hot whether it’s the dead of summer or the middle of winter when you’re sporting seven layers of wool.



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