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Key to the City

9 Reasons to Get Your Butt to Stockholm

Key to the City BY liz 02/11/2016

Brooklyn jeweler Teresa Kahres is married to a Swede, so she’s spent a fair amount of time visiting Stockholm. But she just recently made her first trip in the summer, and, whoa, did she see the city in a whole new light. “It’s brighter than dusk until 10 p.m. You never feel like the day is ending,” she recounts. You’re gonna need those extra daylight hours to hit all the major spots on Teresa’s list (especially if you’re squeezing in a trip to the tattoo shop).


Eat and Drink



“My hubs loves beer, and this is his favorite spot—we go regularly when we’re visiting. It’s really teeny, it’s really cozy, and they just have a really good beer selection. It’s a bustling little place that’s been there forever.”




“This place has great Italian in the fancy part of town, Stureplan (it’s where all the stores like Gucci are). But the restaurant is just cool and low-key, and they have great pizza—we went with like ten people and had a great time.”



Image via @theteacentreofstockholm

“An adorable place to buy tea. Soderblandning is the name of the classic tea blend drunk in southern Stockholm. It’s black and kind of fruity, kind of strong. We go every time we are there and bring back a ton. I wouldn’t say they’re quite like the like the English or the Irish, but Swedes do often have afternoon tea, with a bun.”



Image via La Citta Vita

“This is a downstairs food hall where you can get one of the best kebabs in all of Stockholm (kebabs are a big thing there) along with tons of spices, cheeses, and traditional Swedish meats like reindeer, moose, and bear. It’s right near a train station that we take into the city, so we’ll get off at that subway stop and go have lunch.”


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Image via @grandpastore

“This is one of my favorite places to shop in Sodermalm, which is the hip part of town. They have all different kinds of stuff—they have some office products (like all the Hay products), they have nice bags, they have clothes. I got my first pair of Hasbeens clogs there when they first came out—a magenta pair that I still haven’t seen anywhere.”



Image via @designtorget

“It’s kind of like a small version of MoMA store—very design-y with a lot of housewares that are just funky and weird and cool. It’s high-end but still affordable—it’s a great place to go get a gift to bring home.”


Do Things



“The royal family lives in this palace outside the city, which is a bike ride from my in-law’s house.  The gardens in particular are gorgeous; they were based on Versailles. It's a touristy place, but you can basically go anywhere on the grounds without being disturbed or feeling crowded—in the winter, no one is around, so it's even better to go and explore.”



Image via @modernamuseet

“This is just an awesome museum. I didn’t go on my last trip, but they had these crazy sculptures that were outside, very abstract colorful sculptures that were on the ground. They always have great exhibits.”



Image via @swahilibobstattoo

“My hubs and I have started to get small tattoos as symbols of places we have traveled that have meant something special to us. This is the tattoo place we went to. I got the national leaf of Sweden, which is a birch leaf.”



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