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The Ten Commandments of Perfect Brows

BY lauren elizabeth 02/12/2016

Of a Kind co-founder Erica Cerulo fills in those brows of hers with the Angled Mechanical Brow Pencil. 


Listen, if Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna trust their arches to Sania Vucetaj, don’t you? We asked the owner of New York’s very insider-y Sania’s Brow Bar (and creator of the best brow pencil around) to get a little bossy with us about plucking and getting the right shape. You know, for our own good.



“Never get any lotions, gels, sunscreens, foundations, or moisturizers on or around the brow area. These seep into the brows and cause hairs to fall out and prevent hair growth. We tend to treat the brows as skin, but they're actually hair follicles—and if we wouldn't put something on our scalp, why would we put it on our brows?”



“Avoid magnifying mirrors, and always pluck in dull lighting. If you get too up-close-and-personal, you’ll lose perspective and over-tweeze.”



“Don’t over-trim the length of your brow hairs—it will create a choppy and uneven brow. And very few women actually need trimming! If you are going to do it, the correct way is to brush up all the hairs and just trim the ones stick out from the pack. You want to keep brows looking neat and even, but by keeping them thick and feathery, you are also creating a fuller looking and a more lush brow.”




“Don’t overdo it with the pencil in the name of bolder brows. I suggest going no more than one shade darker than your natural brows to enhance your natural color and to bring out your eyes without exaggerating them. When in doubt for a daytime look, pick a shade a little lighter, which can also help soften your face. The beauty of pencils is you can mix and match!”



“Align brows to the outside edges of the top bridge of the nose (you can use a pencil to line up where your brows should start). There’s a common misconception that brows must align with your nostrils, but separating them too far apart makes facial features appear wider.”



“Avoid waxing or threading. Tweezing is the most precise method because you’re only pulling a single hair at a time. With brows, every single hair plays a role in the shape of the brow. Waxing lacks precision and also stretches the delicate skin. Threading pulls hairs in every direction, which causes hairs to break and creates unappealing ingrowns.”


Our way-pretty model Chekesha putting a Sania's Brow Bar pencil to good use.



“Do your research to find a professional you can trust to shape, repair, and maintain your brows. When you go to your local nail salon and get your brows threaded or waxed, most of these ladies have no education. Trusting just anyone with your brows will most often lead to thin, unsymmetrical ones.”



“Don’t pluck too often. I usually recommend my clients see me about every four weeks—no one should be plucking his or her brows more than once every two weeks. Any sooner than that and you may be thinning your brows out. No one will be looking so closely at your face that they will notice any stray hairs.”



“Never tint. Dyes can be very harsh on those delicate brow hairs. By using a good brow pencil, you can lighten or darken brows as you wish. This gives you more control and avoids damaging the follicles.”



“Don’t try to follow brow trends. Stick with a lush, full brow, which is always more flattering. Let the rest of your makeup be the trend. Keep your brows natural-looking yet polished.”



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