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Key to the City

6 Places You Have to Hit in Ojai, California

Key to the City BY liz 02/15/2016

Pete and Erica Panciera have only lived in California for two years, so it’s saying something that they’ve already made the four-hour drive to Ojai four times and even named one of their Norden candles for the spot. Famous for its fruit-growing—bring on that citrus!—the town has been steadily growing a reputation as the perfect place for a minimalist, outdoorsy getaway, complete with a design-y hotel and one of the cutest wine bars we’ve ever seen. Here’s where you’ll find them.



Image via @sheltersocialclub

“We always stay at the super-mellow Ojai Rancho Inn. It is not pretentious at all and is just really well-designed—they have great furniture by a guy named Eric Trine. When you check in, there’s a little dish of palo santo sticks at the front desk, and they let you take one to your room to burn it. So that’s why we use palo santo wood as part of of the scent for our Ojai candle. There’s a pool there, so that’s fun, and we actually use the bicycles they have, because behind the hotel there’s a pretty trail you can take through the woods to get downtown.”




“We like a store called In the Field—the owner and his wife, Shannon and Bianca Roe, are just really interesting people. It’s clothing and home goods, and it’s really awesome.”


Image via @shopsummercamp

“The other store I like is called Shop Summer Camp. They have incense and vintage stuff. It’s in a little gas station that they renovated into a store—the whole thing is just pretty cool.”



Image via @kneadbakingcompany

“For breakfast, there’s an amazing bakery called Knead Baking Company. Their pastries are pretty wonderful—they even have a Nutella croissant.”



“We love a spot called Tipple and Ramble—it’s kind of a combination shop and wine bar, with snacks and small plates. They have a really beautiful backyard with an old Shasta trailer. It’s a great place to sit and eat outside. We had some great rose there last time.”



The Farmer and the Cook is like an all-organic, all-vegetarian cafe and market that has great sandwiches. It’s a perfect place to get stuff to-go for lunch.”


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