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Key to the City

Where to Take a Fun-Loving Baby in NYC (Vetted by Jaclyn Mayer!)

Key to the City BY maren ellingboe 02/23/2016

New York City isn’t always the easiest place to have kids, but jewelry designer and new mom Jaclyn Mayer very much makes it work. The solution? She brings Dashiell with her everywhere. Seriously, everywhere—“He comes to my factories in Midtown, rope suppliers, the office, etc, and I feel lucky I get to introduce him to the range of people I work with. Plus, I already have him hard at work untangling knots for me!” Here’s where you’ll find them when they aren’t hard at work.


Eat and Drink 



“Eating out with a baby can be a real challenge—especially in New York when you feel like you’re constantly being rushed or squeezed into tiny tables. But, every once in awhile, you can have a really amazing experience and see your child eat something new for the first time. Ramen is one of my favorite foods, and Chuko in Brooklyn is the best. Dashiell loves the noodles and slurps them up faster than I can dish them out—when you think about it, it’s actually super baby friendly food.”




“The other day we took Dashiell to happy hour at Fonda, our favorite Mexican restaurant. The drink specials are only at the bar, so we had him sitting in a high chair at the bar. We definitely got a lot of laughs and people saying ‘only in Brooklyn.’ But it was great!”



Do Things 



“When Dashiell was a little younger, I would take him to an event called Hawks with Babies at the Nitehawk in Williamsburg where they actually serve food in the theater. Once a week, they show a movie and allow you to bring your baby. Of course, now he can’t sit still—so it’s sadly off our agenda—but in his pre-crawling days, it was a great way to spend an afternoon. Most of the time movies are unfortunately a thing of the past once you have a baby, so this was a such a special treat!”



“A few months after I had Dashiell, I joined this exercise group for moms in Park Slope. I was a little reluctant as I’m not a huge on group activities, but I ended up loving it. It was a great way to become social again after the first few months of reclusiveness that come with having a baby. It’s also a nice place to talk about all the things that no one else cares about, like how many hours you slept the night before, what color your baby’s poop was, or what sort of diapers you use.”


Ogjmnoelle product 3
Noelle Necklace




“Dash and I go to this place in Park Slope, which has music singalongs for babies. The kids get to bang on drums and shake rattles while the adults sing songs and dance around. It's totally silly but the babies love it, so we do that a lot before I start my work for the day.”



Who says babies don’t dig Frank Stella at the Whitney?


“I also love taking Dashiell to museums—the new Whitney is great. I took him to see the recent Frank Stella exhibit at there as it had great colors and shapes for him to look at. And of course I love the Met. I can wander around it forever just day dreaming of past eras. Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for me!), he usually sleeps through the exhibits–but it’s a great way to get him out in the city and still do something I love.  The MoMA is also great for strollers because it has quick elevators between the floors, so it’s easy to navigate. Plus, it's not so large that he gets squirmy by the end.



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