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Decorating With Patterns—Not Scary With Annabel Inganni’s Help!

BY genevieve ang 02/28/2016


If home is where the heart is, then Annabel Inganni, whose custom prints cover her housewares line Wolfum, has a multi-hued, bold-patterned ticker beatin’ in her chest. “My couch is all Wolfum pillows—eclectic and bright—and we have a big piece of Marimekko fabric stretched out above it,” she says. “It was a battle with my husband, who loves a more minimalist aesthetic, but I think we’ve found a nice balance.” With her pro tips, you can do the same.




“If decorating with pattern is something that’s foreign to you, start with the small things! Dishware is a fun place to start. So are napkins because they’re such an easy way to make you feel like you’re having a nice meal, even if you’re just having pizza or takeout on your couch.”




“One place in your home that I think you can totally go crazy in is your bathroom or kitchen. It just feels like a fun and safe space where you can have a little more kitsch and color without the pressure to make it perfect. My bathroom at home is insane. I’ve got wallpaper on the walls, a hot pink sink, a glittery tile floor—but it’s small, so it’s not overwhelming.”





“In the main rooms, I lean more towards simple and minimal with a brightly colored statement piece, like a couch. A nice way to do this is by using rad wallpaper—it’s just always been such a huge part of my life. You can do a statement wall with it, and there’s a ton of temporary wallpaper available out there that is phenomenal. It’s not as scary as permanently wallpapering a wall (or even investing in a big-ticket item like a couch).”




“When combining multiple designs, I always try to have some sort of color overlap between them as a common thread. Also, be sure balance the proportion of the patterns. It comes down to color and scale. You don’t want to do a huge print with another huge print; it gets to be a little too much. A bold graphic with a small floral print dovetail together nicely. But honestly, if you like the ways things look together and are feeling confident, go crazy and mix seven thousand patterns! The beauty about mixing pattern is that you can go as deep into it as you want.”




“Color can really affect how you feel, so do whatever feels right for your personality. Take the time to add some playfulness and to decorate your space. The time that you take out on even your busiest days to actually set the table and sit down, whether it’s by ourselves or with family, really sets the tone for your life. So it’s worth it to hunt down pieces that you love for those moments.”

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