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The Ultimate Nursery Decor Wishlist


Molly McGrath is expecting twins—twins! And when she’s not having standard prenatal freakouts, the artist and former architect is dreaming about ways to bring her color-loving aesthetic to a nursery. Pretty sure these kids are going to inherit their mom’s great taste...


“Since visiting Morocco a few years ago, I have loved Boucherouite rugs and could kick myself for not getting one back then! I'd love to find something as bright and colorful as this one from Pink Rug Co., which carries tons of vintage options.”

“My husband and I went to Copenhagen a few years ago, and the zoo there is amazing. The buildings that house the animals were designed by famous architects like Norman Foster, which is so cool. We couldn’t resist these animal prints, even if it meant toting them home on the airplane.”




“I would love to make a mobile for the twins, but if that doesn’t end up happening, then one of these by Renilde Depeuter would be a great substitute!”


“My husband is an avid comic book reader, and the Tintin books were his favorite when he was little. He has the whole collection, so I’m sure it will be in heavy rotation at bedtime.”


“We saw this Frank Reenskaug for Bramin rocker at an amazing mid-century antique store in the East Bay called the Mid Century Mobler. The owners are a husband and wife team and are super knowledgeable. I’m not sure if I'll be able to fit in this chair with two babies in tow, but it doesn't hurt to dream!”



“If it were possible to own a quilt that is in a museum collection, this Gees Bend would be the one. I’ve always loved the Gees Bend quilts, made by African American women in a remote community in Alabama, and if I were a baby, I’d be mesmerized by this pattern and the colors.”



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