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Gettin' Tidy

Gettin' Tidy: Simple Ways to Stop Losing Your Stuff

Gettin' Tidy BY liz 03/15/2016

We've all got a few irritating things about our homes that we've been meaning to get to deal with but can never quiiiiiite get around to solving for. Welcome to Gettin' Tidy, where our organizational guru Tidy Tova unpacks (har) our issues and how to fix them for good.




You can’t find anything, ever.



You’ll have fewer negative feelings towards your home if your search missions are less frequent. First: Purge belongings that don’t feel good. Battling your possessions will never result in a win for you (the battle alone means you’ve lost!), so set yourself up for a victory. And if you’re in need of more storage areas, remember to take advantage of the backs of door by adding hooks and all vertical space by installing shelves higher up and lower down.”



The dream is to find a home for all of your stuff, so how about starting with the things you can’t wait to get off your person the second you get home? Scoop up a tray to stash your keys and sunglasses and whatnot right by your door, or scatter some pretty little ceramics in the just-right places to catch your everyday jewelry or loose change.


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